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It's about the people and their struggle in this world where there is only one thing ...which is the motto, "suffering is must" ...and the people are working hard to get their recognition and still they are dreaming that one day the world will change so that they will live happily ...

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This Theatre’s Lessons

Schizophrenia Seized Me, A thespian in the world's stage, An arbitrary image, Of this materialistic world.   Believed in Narcissism, But none do exist, The  purpose is acceptance and resilient forever And the materialistic world you must resist.   Far you see a silhouette, The future which is unknown, Just like the poltergeist, Mystic along... Continue Reading →


5th December,2017 Our class X C, It's always glittering and evergreen , With colourful memories of our english class, Still fresh in our minds, Like the campus' wet grass. With interesting characters, And a class full of "discussions", From Shakespeare to Bollywood, Even though i prefer hollywood...(hehe) Nicknames which we all remember, You were the... Continue Reading →

My vision for India 2020

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Let’s work hand in hand for India 2020

Let’s join hands to work together for India 2020.

First of all, let’s say goodbye to corruption

And then say congratulations

Stay away from bribes , crimes, pretentions

And say hello to corruption free nation.

Let’s work hand in hand for India 2020

Let’s join hands to work Let’s work hand in hand for India 2020


Secondly for a better 2020

Let’s grow more plants and go green

Never spit anywhere and keep the streets clean

Forget plastic and use eco-friendly carry bags

Let’s work hand in hand for India 2020

Let’s join hands to work together for India 2020.

Let’s vow to live together in harmony and peace

And get rid of diseases

Let’s forgo terrorism and embrace peace

And let’s not discriminate between men and women

Because after all we all are same

Let’s all be equal in the…

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Romancing with a Droplet…

Slither a drop of water, From my face The shape of an ace, Sunlight falling on it, Looks likes something glistering with grace.   Sliding down, Removing all my frown, I feel obsessed with it, 'cause I faced pain , Without gain, And now removing all, After many down falls, Gain as in peace.  ... Continue Reading →


I couldn't stay alone , that's my fear slid down a drop of tear. My FRIEND left me... I can't help it I sit and cry for my ask my friend not to punish me like this till my life's end. ps: sorry , do forgive me my dearest friend.... #dedicated By Chandreyee Dutta

Me and Ego

Was cradled with love, Was the sign of peace, Like the little white dove. Adored by all, Lit the smile on every face, And also lit the smiles miles away For all called me God's grace Became a  kid Became cheerful played with all Had many falls But never shed a drop of tear, Nor... Continue Reading →


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