Unfair Everything

It's about the people and their struggle in this world where there is only one thing ...which is the motto, "suffering is must" ...and the people are working hard to get their recognition and still they are dreaming that one day the world will change so that they will live happily ...

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This Theatre’s Lessons

Schizophrenia Seized Me, A thespian in the world's stage, An arbitrary image, Of this materialistic world.   Believed in Narcissism, But none do exist, Theย  purpose is acceptance and resilient forever And the materialistic world you must resist.   Far you see a silhouette, The future which is unknown, Just like the poltergeist, Mystic along... Continue Reading →

Entry of a Teenager

I never say , Nor I want to express , Thinking all day , I feel hopeless . It's like a competition, Where you have to win, Else the society, Give looks like you have committed a sin.   CHANDREYEE DUTTA

Something Faded…

There used to be someone, Living in joy, Who wanted to share, Her own joy . There was this time, When things fell apart, People pointed here , 'Cause she caused a sever crime . What was the crime? And why was it done? She cried and yell, Butย  approven by none. Tears did trickle,... Continue Reading →


In the winter months , in my locality there is a festival where various Vitthal's followers come together and sing abhangas which reminds me of my lonavla trip where i made new friends and found the essence of spirituality

Which Phase?

Two sided phase , I play my cards, Choose the beauty phase, Or be pierced by venomous darts . Point at me , Call me a Witch , I say it's no magic, It's the attitude with which I switch. -LOVE- You can call me the BEAUTY, Engraved with passion, Kind , generous, caring, You... Continue Reading →

Aryan’s 18th birthday

  You are eighteen, And I am seventeen, But you are an idiot dear๐Ÿ™ƒ, I will tease you for your favourite cuisine, And laugh aloud without any fear ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ƒ   Twentieth century, That's what I call, You are so high (~pause๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚~) like a star Which will never fall ๐Ÿ˜Š   Time is so precious ,... Continue Reading →


Broken hearts, Delicate flowers, Trampled path, With missing love, Green clove, Imagination, Never mind, I am in my isolation. Never thought, Or ever gave a thought, That you ripped my trust , But never loved, All I would say , It was lust! Disgrace, not mine, But for LOVE, LOVE, YOU AIN'T FOR THEM, Who... Continue Reading →

The working

    Experience, growing up, Seeing things all around, When I keep quiet, Listening to the thunders going around, But till when? That answer will come out. -TRAUMA- Diversion, happiness, Sadness, madness, Anxiety, depression, Straight to the path of demolition, From raging wrath, To the pale face, Pain from the bumps Of life's route, And... Continue Reading →

Who is the Liar?

  You called me a liar, Pleased to be one, You called me many names , Even though I am none . You 'THINK' I lied, But it's you who played the game, When everything went down, I was the one to be blamed. You asked me if I had any shame, Excuse me, did... Continue Reading →


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